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the team


garth gizowski

Garth is the owner/director of icarus. while learning all he could in the 18 years he has been in the electrical industry he decided it was time to use his knowledge, skills, and unique way of thinking to bring every project to life. he is dedicated to quality and will make sure the highest of standards are met for both himself and our team.


Elisha Pinter

Elisha is the wife of garth and our secretary treasurer. She is what holds the operation together and keeps us focused. while not involved in the everyday running of operations, garth would not be where he is without the complete support and amazing drive she provides!


office staff

every office needs a little levity. Ripley and cid always make sure to keep us laughing with their antics and never fail to lighten the mood.



No team is complete without someone watching your back! Diesel is a committed member always making sure the office and yard is secure!

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