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Solar PV Installations and ev chargers
residential / commercial Electrical renovations and tenant improvements
residential / commercial electrical new construction

interested in helping the environment and lowering your utility bills?


we are your first call in solar PV installations and electrical vehicle charging stations. from grid-tied systems to fully independent off-grid systems, we can help design the right system for your needs!

federal and municipal grants could be available in your area, book a consultation for more information.

Image by Nolan Issac

lighting a little dim? maybe it's too bright? don't have an electrical outlet outside for the new patio? from inside to out we have you covered with all your renovation needs!

from power to lighting, data and smart devices to control everything you can think of, we can customize your space to the ever evolving needs of this technological age.

Family house

tired of the endless renovations to make your house into the perfect family home?

why not customize it from the beginning when building a new home. lighting layouts and power placement play a key role in making the perfect home. this includes the exterior, soffit lighting can really make your exterior finishes stand out and exterior plugs can make sure those holiday decorations can be placed right where you want them making you the envy of the neighborhood.

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